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Let Enterprise Technologies, LLC supply you with fully qualified Professional Services Contractors.

Enterprise Technologies, LLC takes special care to assure that every member of our team is fully qualified and completely professional.

We check the employment history, education and references of every applicant. Our employees must demonstrate a consistent record of excellence and professionalism in work performance. .

At the end of each assignment, we ask every client to complete an evaluation to help us assess and improve the performance of our employees.

Managing Your Personnel Needs ... By Design
As your company grows, personnel requirements can become an ever increasing financial and human resource demand. Evaluation of your personnel needs in today's leaner markets is a consistent organizational strategy for corporate quality and productivity.

Fitting this new mold of personnel control, Governments and corporate America have embraced the idea of using technical/professional contract personnel. Contract services that provide an effective method to limit cost and still provide the highest quality personnel, exactly when you need them and at a price that fits your project-by-project requirements.

Contact Enterprise Technologies, LLC: Phone - (334) 270-4050

E-mail - hr@entechllc.com     

We specialize in placing individuals in positions at all levels including, systems and applications development, telecommunications, office automation, training, operations and Project Management.

We represent candidates who are information systems professionals. Our collective technical understanding identifies the best candidates for a given position. Personnel interviews enable us to accurately portray our candidates, their motivations, and job requirements. We do not recruit from client companies.