About Enterprise Technologies

Based in Montgomery, Alabama

Who We Are

Began in 1998, Enterprise Technologies was started by Jimmy Rowell to address the gap between government-contracted positions and qualified Information Technology talent to fill those positions.

What We Do

For 40 years, Jimmy worked with the state government of Alabama, eventually assuming the role of the Finance Director for the State of Alabama. There he created the first supercomputer program for the state.

What We Offer

For over 20 years, Enterprise Technologies has understood the state government system & the dire need for high-caliber professionals to assist with the development & execution of Information Technology systems for various entities across the state.


As a family-based business, Enterprise Technologies is a small, close-knit team.

We’re a hardworking group that prizes diligent, thoughtful work and an easy-going attitude.


At Enterprise Technologies, you’re a part of our family. We’re all team-players here, and we work hard to exceed our clients expectations, everytime.